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Who I Am

Hi! 👋 My name is Dominik and I am a design driven individual passionate about creating beautiful web and mobile apps.

I am the sole proprietor of Seven Degrees Labs. 7D° Labs mainly serves as legal entity for all of my products and services. If you have any questions, want to work with me or just want to hang out sometime feel free to drop me an email or tweet at me.

If you want to learn more about me, check out my blog.



See what your app will look like on the App Store

Web App

StorePreviewer is a useful design tool that helps developers and designers to optimize and preview their app's copy and screenshots on the App Store without the need for publishing it live or any other design tool.

  • 🏆 Featured on Product Hunt with 421+ Upvotes
  • 💪 Reached Hacker News Front Page #3
  • 🔼 292+ Upvotes on Reddit and Recieved a Rocket Like Award on r/swift


Explore the world of analog film

Web App

Filmtypes is a website that helps photographers to educate themselves about the variety of analog film stocks by showing characteristics, photo examples, written & video reviews as well as providing a way to engage in discussions.

  • 📰 Press coverage including full article on PetaPixel, the worlds largest photography blog
  • 💪 Reached Hacker News Front Page with 61 comments
  • 📈 Currently more than 500.000+ page views. ~100.000 alone on launch day
  • 🤩 Hundreds of tweets, posts on forums and other blogs with almost 100% positive feedback


Consulting Interview Guide

Mobile App

CaseTools is an app that helps people prepare for their upcoming management consulting job interview. It provides visuals like interactive interview questions/answers and beautifully designed business framework graphics.

  • 📲 4500+ app downloads with a 18.16% monthly average conversion rate. 7x higher than the average conversion rate for the education category
  • 💎 300+ people are Premium user
  • 5 Star rating


Nutrition Guide

Mobile App

Coming soon - Visit the landing page for more information

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